How Much Does it Cost to Replace My Home’s Siding?

Thinking about replacing your home’s siding? Whether it’s just time for a little maintenance or you need a complete replacement, it’s always best to understand the general costs upfront.

On average, you are looking to pay over $7,500 to replace 1500 square feet of vinyl siding. If you are attempting to upgrade to a really nice stone veneer, you could end up paying close to $100K for the same amount of siding. Is it time to replace your home’s siding, and if so, with what?

Types of Siding

The number one piece of advice when putting up siding is to avoid putting it on top of your old siding. It’s a way to cut corners and save money but you’ll pay for it in the long run. If you don’t pay to have your old siding removed, your new siding will not adhere properly. Even if it sticks now, inclement weather will easily strip it away.

Many homeowners make the mistake of doing this with vinyl because it is most affordable. The cost to strip it can add a couple hundred dollars to the total costs of replacing your home’s siding, if not more.

There are a lot of different kinds of siding from the popular vinyl siding to fancy stone veneers. Keep in mind that you can cut costs and still have high grade stone veneers if you mix and match materials.

Standard and Liquid Vinyl Siding

Vinyl is the standard in home siding. For one reason, it doesn’t flake or peel. Bugs do not burrow in it and you won’t experience rot like you can with wood. It comes in many varieties to resemble expensive grades of siding and it can be maintained with a simple power washing.

On the downside, hurricane and tornado strength winds can rip vinyl siding right off of the walls. If you live through a drought and heatwave, those high temps can warp vinyl siding. And if you don’t wash it regularly, it can get moldy.

Standard vinyl siding costs anywhere from between $2 and $7 per square foot. You could opt for liquid vinyl to cover your existing siding for $3 to $6 per square foot which should hold up for a few years. Best of all, you can coat your house in different colors that won’t fade. However, liquid vinyl cannot be used on wood or else it could cause mold and mildew to grow.

Natural and Engineered Wood Siding

Wood is an old school siding choice that is making a comeback for its eco-friendly properties. For one, wood siding is cheaper to install and can be painted, unlike most vinyl. Moreover, wood siding can be designed and engineered aesthetically and for sustainability.

Wood siding costs anywhere from $3 per square foot up to $10. The problem with wood siding is that insects do like to burrow in it. You could get termites, mold, and other wood rot and fungi using wood siding.

People opting for engineered wood go for plywood because it is only $1 per square foot. Other types of engineered wood can cost over $5 per square foot.

Aluminum and Steel Siding

When it comes to metal siding, aluminum is by far the most popular because it is most affordable and it is durable; able to withstand extreme weather and is repellant to insects. Aluminum siding ranges in price from $4.75 up to $7.15 per unit when you factor in the cost for installation sheathing to protect against water damage.

Steel is another metal option but with it, your siding is vulnerable to rusting over time and cannot be painted, just like aluminum. Steel costs anywhere from $4 per square foot up to around $8.

Brick and Cement Siding

Finally, there are a variety of brick, stone, and cement siding options. The biggest drawback to using brick, stone, or cement is that you have to pay extra to have it professionally installed. If you buy by the weight (which is standard), because these materials are so heavy, you are looking to pay a lot more.

Cement for example is mixed with wood fibers and sand to create sturdier siding that can withstand wind and rain. What’s nice about cement siding is that it is fire resistant, can be easily maintained, and it can last for decades.

Similarly, brick is highly durable, fire resistant, and an added bonus; brick and stone siding beautify a house. For that reason veneers can run you anywhere from $11 up to $30 per square foot and brick can cost up to $12 per unit.

General Cost of Installation

In addition to the cost of materials, be sure to factor in installation and removal of the old siding. If you plan on mounting siding on top of old siding, it is wise to spend the $70 bucks or so to have it cleaned first. Also, installing vinyl, metal, and wood siding often requires insulation which can add to the overall cost of the job.

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