How to Improve the Indoor Air Quality in Your Home

As anyone with environmental allergies or asthma will tell you, air quality can dramatically impact one’s overall health and wellness. While changing the air around you may seem like an enormous task, there’s many small steps you can take that will have a huge impact on you and your family’s overall well-being. So in honor of Air Quality Awareness Week (yes, that’s a thing), we’ve compiled a list of ways to make the air you breathe a little cleaner.

1.) Clean Your Floors

Most of the dirt and debris in homes collects on the floors. In addition to regularly vacuuming (we recommend using a machine with a HEPA filter) and washing your floors, you should have your carpets professionally cleaned once a year to improve air quality.

2.) Clean/Replace Your Air Filters

Many homeowners forget to maintain the air filters in their heating and cooling systems, but deferring this can lead to poor air quality throughout your entire house. To avoid exposure to dust and allergens, clean or replace your air filters every 90 days for a regular home, every 60 days if you have a cat or dog, and every 30 days if you have multiple pets or a family member with severe allergies. If it’s been a few years, you may want to consider having your air ducts professionally cleaned as well.

3.) Add Plants to Your Home

There are a number of air purifying plants that can both clean the air you breathe and add an elegant touch to your home’s decor. Here’s a list a of 9 that have a bonus value of being difficult to kill.

4.) Replace Chemical Products With Natural Solutions

Now is as good a time as any to dig through your cabinets and dispose of household chemicals. Using natural products throughout your home will not only improve your air quality, but will make it less toxic for small children and pets.

Keep in mind that you can’t just toss these products in the garbage or flush them down the sink. Most communities have local businesses or dedicated centers where you can drop off hazardous waste. You might even have a hazardous waste pick-up day for your neighborhood.

5.) Ditch the Artificial Scents

According to WebMD, “synthetic fragrances in laundry products and air fresheners emit dozens of different chemicals into the air.” So while you are gathering up your household chemicals, make sure to toss in any aerosol sprays, plug-in air fresheners, or scented detergents. Instead open some windows, set out a bouquet of fresh flowers, and clean with natural solutions like lemon juice and baking soda to keep your home smelling fresh.
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